You Can Stop Smoking,

without Medications, Patches, Gum or Substitutes  

No weight gain - No replacement habits

– Easily and Naturally



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What Makes our Stop Smoking

Programme Unique?


Our Programme is the result of  over ten years research working with smokers in order to develop a stop smoking process that was safe, effective, and permanent.  We have taken essence of  the best techniques available and combined them to give a highly effective and superior process.   Crucially , the process eliminates the core reasons and desires of  why  you smoke.  Everyone has a specific reason for continuing to smoke despite their knowledge of the obvious disadvantages.    The reason you continue to smoke and yet want to quit is not addiction or habit, it is fear.  This fear is irrational but has strong emotive power.  This power is so strong that it completely overwhelms your will power and conscious mind.  The part of your brain that deals with your survival gives you a flight or flight response to fear or anxiety.   Cigarettes have been unconsciously linked to this  survival response sending your body into a flight or fight response at the mere thought of quitting cigarettes.   As long as you remain a smoker who is trying to quit you are subconsciously protecting yourself  from a hidden fear


Some of the irrational fears smokers hold

Fear I won’t cope without cigarettes

Fear I will die without cigarettes

Fear I will have no friends without cigarettes

Fear I wont be able to handle stress without cigarettes

Fear I will be lonely without cigarettes

Fear I will be bored without cigarettes

Fear of failure

Fear of putting on weight

So, which is the real enemy your irrational fears or smoking.  Once you eliminate these fears quitting smoking will be just a natural process in line with your duty of care to yourself.  




When all around is chaos and unpredictable, we humans seek constancy and predictability, and it can be seen that, whatever else is happening and changing outside our control and influence, "a cigarette stays the same". A cigarette is constant, it is predictable, it does provide, at some level, a sense of constancy, and in this way can become a very potent influence. Therein lies the power of the habit.

Welcome to Your

Stop Smoking Guide


Tom Tynan GIBiol. MSc. DHP, MICHP, MRET.

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Rapid Eye Therapist

Certified ICHP Supervisor and Training Analyst

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Brief Description of Method

Our method uses a combination of techniques blended together to bring about one of, if not the most effective approach available today.  The combination  addresses the physiological as well as psychological aspects to the habit.  Techniques used include Hypnosis, Rapid Eye Therapy,  

and NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming).  

Hypnosis has the reputation of being the best therapeutic help for smoking cessation available, with an excellent success rate.  Rapid Eye Therapy addresses the limiting beliefs and fears around stopping smoking.  In addition it removes cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.  NLP ensures past mental, emotion, and visual associations with cigarettes are broken and replaced with beneficial life supporting connections to you the non smoker.  Combining hypnosis, Rapid Eye Therapy and other  NLP techniques will allow you to succeed so that new behaviors are developed and become permanent.    This is a method that is tailored to each individuals needs, rather that a general process that is delivered to a group.




Cravings, urges, addictions, bad breath,

ageing skin can be distant memories


Works for heavy and light smokers


Works irrespective of how long you have been smoking


Individual process to address your unique needs.


Eliminates the core reasons and desires of  why you smoke


Excellent success rate with little or no willpower required




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