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Appointments & Services

The introductory consultation to discuss your issue fully before embarking on therapy is always FREE. All sessions are completely confidential and private.

Booking may be made by phone or email and appointments can be scheduled to suit your needs. I will accommodate people who may be housebound or have a preference to use their own residence. A surcharge for this service and travel may apply.

The first session normally takes 1.5 hours.

Special group sessions can be arranged for Institutions, Clubs, Societies, Factories, for motivation, smoking, relaxation etc. Lectures on the History, Development and Applications of Hypnosis may also be arranged.

Persons under 18 years of age require written parental permission. Children between 8 and 13 years of age must have an approved guardian present at all times. I do not recommend Clinical Hypnosis for children under 8.

Sorry I do not accept any insurance plans at this time.

Should a client feel they have a genuine concern they have assess to the ICHP Legal & Disciplinary Procedures Committee in addition to their normal statutory rights.

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Consultation Fees

A single session is $100 and takes approximately one hour.

Suggestive therapy (Quit smoking etc..) is two sessions and costs $200. The second session reinforces the first leading to permanacy of resolve.

Weigh Reduction in 5sessions costs $400 with any additional treatments at $60 per session.*

Analytical Therapy is fixed at 6 session and costs $500 with additional treatments at $60 per session.

Group sessions are welcome and the fee will be negotiated.

In exceptional circumstances, especially juniors, I will negotiate or waiver my fee.

Cancellations less then 24 hours before appointment are subject to a 50% surcharge.

All return patients seeking an unrelated treatment $50 per session.

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* refund or free sessions if no weight loss is achieved. See weight reduction page.