Code of Ethics and Conduct

When choosing a therapist ensure that they are a qualified, insured professional. All members of the ICHP have completed both a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. As a Practitioner trained and affiliated to the Institute and Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy I am bound to the Institutes Code of Ethics and Conduct. In narrative this entails respecting Client confidentiality. That the Client’s welfare is paramount. That treatment must never be prolonged and that referral is always an option.

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Practitioner Diploma
Analytical Therapy Diploma
Depression Diploma
Pain Control Diploma
Practitioner Diploma
Analytical Therapy
Pain Control
Institute Fellowship
Advanced Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy  Diploma
Compulsive Disorder Diploma
Foundation Diploma
Institute Fellowship
Advanced Diploma
Compulsive Disorders
Foundation Diploma

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