Allowed to ferment Life-stress can develop into Depression and overcoming depression is like challenging your own intellect.

Nowadays, more and more people are finding themselves stressed out and questioning the purpose to life. In our modern fast paced world it is too easy to lose sight of our personal priorities. For young couples homes are so damn expensive you can’t get a foothold in the market. If you succeed, then mortgage repayments are crippling and taxes ever increasing. It is breathing ground for fears to manifest - what if I lose my job or get sick? Modern medical, scientific and technology advances are only fruitful if you have the resources to enjoy their spoils. Similarly, traffic congestion means long delays getting to and from work. You are probably not surprised to learn that several million commuters to New York City spend more than three hours a day in transit. Litter wonder that stress is escalating. Add to this the great advances of the past decades, which pepper us with information and consumables. I speak of previously abstract ailments, of costly preventative scans, of hair-regeneration products, mobile phones, playstations and revelations and acts of aggression that draw into question our religious beliefs.

Even children come under tremendous pressure. The school curriculum appears vast. My eleven year old, nephew cannot lift the sum total of his schoolbooks. He must carry only those that he needs each day. Couple this with the violence of video games and television, schoolyard bullying, early sexual awakening and the absence of simplistic games, which encouraged friendly interaction between children. It is all too easy to see how stress and disruptive practices can manifest at an early age.

The major trouble with stress is that it feeds our emotional reservoir and can mimic virtually any physical or mental symptoms. Phantom illnesses, headaches, tinnitus, rashes swollen joints, migraines, blood pressure, asthma and especially lower back pain. Even more problematic, left untreated stress can advance to depression. Unfortunately, when you commence down this path it is often very hard to discharge this negativity and recover on your own. This is because it is like challenging your own intellect. Ultimately, you require a person or event to act as your buffer zone and disposal basket so you may move forward again. This is a role that your companion or family members may not be able to fulfill. They are also suffering from their own stress, of which your interaction is probably a component. The Clinical Hypnotherapist is a trained medium for the discharge of stress and realignment of positive focus. In my clinic I frequent discover that stress and repressed memories are the culprit for mimicking many physical illness, which have not responded to normal medical therapies and medicines. My experience to date clearly guides me to the conclusion that "equilibrium of mind" is a potent force that should never be taken for granted. However, for personal safety with respect to any physical complaint, I strongly advocate that a medical physician is visited before a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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