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Private Practitioner
Maurice O' Neill DHP ADHP MICHP

303 Teaneck Road, Teaneck,
New Jersey 07066, USA.
Tel: ...201 836 8118
Mob: 201 658 2788

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I'm on the left receiving my Advanced Diploma from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Director Dr. J. KeanyLogo of Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

I have been practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for a number of years to excellent results. For me, to release a person from an ailment is like watching a butterfly open its wings and fly into the sunlight. With the client's participation I believe that I have the ability to initiate a positive change that will empower my clients to develop in many facets of their lives, and not just their cited ailment.

Clinical Hypnosis is a confidential one-to-one treatment lasting approximately one hour per session. The first session may take one and half-hours. Hypnosis is renowned with a sense of deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being that stays with this client. Contrary to popular belief hypnosis does not comatose a client. In reality, the opposite is true; you enter a heightened state of mental awareness where tremendously good work can be achieved. Clinical hypnosis is a warm and human process where your individuality is appreciated. You are addressed on first name terms and are encouraged to speak freely, in confidence, and most importantly, you are listened too. It is a process where time is taken to resolve your issues and the outcome is tailored exclusively for your benefit.

All communication including the initial consultation is completely confidential. Consultation by prior appointment is free and unconditional. You will never be hypnotized against your will. The scope of therapy will not be expanded without prior consultation with the client. When a Clinical Hypnotist induces a trance, a close rapport develops between the hypnotist and the client. The responses of the client while in the trance state, and the phenomena they manifest reflects their willingness succeed. The hypnotist's intervention merely amplifies this willingness. And because clinical hypnosis is a drug free treatment it can work in tandem to enhance any other treatment.

Clinical Hypnosis bears no resemblance to stage hypnosis. Unfortunately, a stage or televised performance is often a person’s only exposure to hypnosis. Please ensure that you fully read, "What is Hypnosis?" before booking an appointment.

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