To travel back in time to explore and relive an incident, or even further back to a past life that will arouse your own intellect and beliefs.

There are many facets to this intriguing therapy. For the sake of clarity ‘Regression’ is revisiting a past period in your current life, such as an event during childhood. Past Life is the regression beyond this lifetime, and possibly several fold beyond that.

When in hypnosis the body is extraordinarily relaxed while the subconscious is hyper-alert and the senses are heightened. Accepting that all incidents that occurred during a lifetime are retained in memory, hypnosis is an excellent platform to revisit these memories. Under hypnosis it is normal to actually experience a full replay including the emotions associated with the event. Using suggestive therapy it is possible to disassociate the emotions from the event. This is normally done to separate and manage the trauma associated with the event. Indeed this is the basis of all analytic therapy. Addressing a past problem to achieve resolution by either acceptance, disassociation or reframing the root cause.
Past life therapy takes this belief a step further. Many oriental cultures believe in reincarnation and have no problem accepting the premises, while Western religions then to clash and wrestle with their spiritual evolution. In recent times however, Eastern beliefs have become increasingly popular in the West.
Hypnosis is a useful tool for exploring past lives, since it involves an altered psychological state, which makes a person more receptive and responsive to inner experiences. In hypnosis, it is possible to channel awareness that is not normally accessible to the conscious mind.

From exploring past lives I believe tremendous insights can be gained to current behavior patterns and that permanent healing may result from releasing suppressed emotions.

My personal beliefs have changed with exposure to past life therapy. I believe powerful curative force can be harnessed. It may not be an individual’s personal experience but rather a tap into a universal sea of spirits whose past mirrors the concerns of the regressee. It is a tremendous trip, frequently with surprising revelation and always an answer, like a perfect metaphor offering a solution to a current issue. Regression and Past Life Regression is a voyage of enlightenment.

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