Eating Disorders are infinitely more difficult to resolve than Smoking. However, both are developed habits that respond well to Clinical Hypnosis.

WEIGHT REDUCTION – Everybody, absolutely everybody has the ability to lose weight. Most people just approach it the wrong way. They do it because they feel different, alienated, victimized and not because they desire from within themselves to fit in. Do you see the difference? To lose weight you must do it for yourself, the inner and beautiful you. You must focus and decide you are willing to expend effort to achieve your desires.

I do believe to lose weight is one of the greatest challenges of willpower that a person can embark upon. It is infinitely more difficult to resolve than say, smoking. There are three reasons why I believe this. Firstly, a person must eat every day while desisting the temptation to over-indulge. Secondly, losing weigh involves a lifestyle change, i.e. mental reorientation, dietary & exercise. Third, visible results are not immediate. This is why Clinical Hypnosis can prove so beneficial. It concentrates on you the person by awakening your inner-self. It encourages you to adjust your eating schedule and the volume and type of food you consume. It encourages you to stop perpetually nibbling. In a few weeks you will find that your energy levels improve. That life takes on new meaning. That you are in absolute control of your own destiny and free from the need to over-indulge and this wonderful realization empowers all avenues of your life.

Because weight loss is a life changing process I strongly advocate a full medical checkup prior to Clinical Hypnosis. My therapy is individually tailored to each person's presented symptoms and habits. No two sessions are identical. My preferred schedule is one session each week for four weeks. The exact timing of the appointments can be adjusted to suit the client. Additionally, it is possible for me to travel to the client but this may involve an additional fee.

The first session introduces hypnosis and instills the desire to desist from over indulgence and focus your mind on better, healthy eating habits. This empowers the client's resolve to achieve their objective by eating sensibly without suffering from hunger.

The second session, one week later reinforcing the first session and introduces a tailored script, which strongly advocates the client towards a lifestyle change. This session involves mild aversion therapy, which I have found extremely beneficial to most clients.

The third session is specifically targetted to your reactions from the prior two sessions.

The fourth session is a solid and powerful ego boosting session with an emphasis on empowerment, health and permanacy. Secondary symptoms may also be addressed at this stage.

Thereafter, if required, booster sessions can be arranged. Typically, these might occur between three and six months. These booster sessions are tailored specifically to address developing issues and instill an aura of well-being and harmony to resolve these issues. Remember the reason a person over-indulges may not be directly linked to a developed habit of eating. Common reasons for over-eating are dissatisfaction, boredom, unsatisfactory relationships, and substitution from other depressive influences. These are not the symptoms the client presented for resolution but they may be the cause that hinders their progress.

Occasionally, sessions are recorded on CD so the client may reinforce the benefit of the therapy over and over again at home. I have personally not found many hypnotists willing to this. My reason is quite simple I am client and not profit orientated. As all sessions are one to one and totally confidential I do not keep a copy of any recordings.

I do not recommend hypnosis for children under 10 years of age and young adults under 18 must have parental consent and occasionally parental presence is also required.

Losing weight is a positive life change for a number of reasons. Health and well-being are obvious results. Perhaps also mobility and energy. Equally as import are self-esteems, attention focus, resolve and happiness. Another exciting benefit is extra time at your disposal. You just can’t believe how much time eating more sensibly will save you. Close your eyes for a moment and consider the time you waste just thinking about food, justifying it because deep down you know you shouldn’t. Considerable time is spent thinking, fetching, preparing and eating food. These minutes build into hours chipping away at the very essence of life.

With the client's participation I am confident of success. So confident in fact that, if after four sessions, the client is not truly pleased with their progress I will refund the cost of one session or offer an additional session absolutely free. I can’t be any fairer. My primary objective is to assist people achieve their potential. It is truly not my intention to seek wealth over a patient's wellbeing, although I am nevertheless compelled to make a living.

If you are considering treatment and have a specific question that I have not addressed please click the envelope at the bottom of the page and email me.

My current fees are nominal and fully inclusive. An actual session takes approximately 45 minutes and I look forward to meeting you.

SMOKING - Few long-term smokers would admit that they are happy to continue smoking. Most claim they want to stop but can’t! Imaging a cigarette, something smaller than your index finger, having such control over you. True, there is a nicotine dependency, but it is the habit of smoking and the habit of what to do with your hands that proves more difficult to overcome. It takes tremendous willpower to stop smoking. Many who have tried will remember their thoughts being totally consumed to the desire to smoke. The countless inner debates to justify smoking. Your entire focus circling around the need and reasons for you to smoke. Having smoked for 23 years I speak from experience. To quit smoking is a battle so why not get whatever help is available. Use nicotine patches. If you need to give your hands something to do, suck on a straw. Use special fruit diets, herbal teas and bubble gum. Clinical Hypnosis can give you that extra edge to refuse when the desire to smoke is greatest. This is suggestive hypnosis at its most potent. The client and the hypnotist build a trustful rapport. Through suggestion alone the hypnotist amplifies the client's desire to quit smoking, while duly diminishing the habit, the longing and ultimately, the need to smoke. With the right attitude smoking can be overcome easily and immediately. The rewards are immense. I have dramatically improved the quality of my life by not smoking. At my most conservative estimate I have saved in excess of $35,000. As we learn more about the ill effects of smoking the time to stop NOW. Don't you agree. After the first session you quit for good. At the second and final session you learn self-hypnosis from a CD recording of the actual session. This CD will be used at home to reinforce our work and boost your confidence to achieve in all avenues of life.


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