Hypnosis is not the cure of any ailment, rather, it is the medium through which the resolution is sought.

Stress, depression, phobias and fears cause some of the most debilitating conditions that affect the human population. Few realize that mental and emotional disruption can mimic any number of physical disorders. Unfortunately, in cases where the symptoms are psychometrically generated any medication prescribed will not address the root cause. Everybody will have heard somebody say “I have taken every medication and nothing seems works for me.” This is a classical statement associated with psychometrically genereated ailments. Additionally, if a complaint is subdued by chemicals it is not improbably that another chain reaction will commence. For example, a sore foot develops to a swollen hip or a lower-back pain as your mind engages on another cycle that further masks the original condition. Such cases are not uncommon. Clinical Hypnosis can make a definite contribution by locating the root cause of the cycle rather than addressing the current symptoms. How often have you visited a doctor's clinic and wished that the doctor had time to sit down with you and explain your condition to your satisfaction, perhaps even to use your first name a few times during conversation. Sound familiar? Doctors do tremendous work and I strongly advocate their services before visiting a Hypnoherapist. However, in psychometrically generated disorders doctors may not always delve beyond the displayed symptoms.

It is my honest believe that everybody can benefit from Clinical Hypnosis. Any person, who suffers a chain of maladies, successive bouts of depression, feelings of hopelessness, a person who feels anxious, who becomes irritable for no apparent reason, a person who never feels satisfied or suffers from unwanted habits or rituals, they can certainly benefit from Clinical Hypnosis. Any person working diligently to make ends may not have the quality time for themselves to dissipate their stress. Likewise, people who have formed habits, like smoking, overeating, nail biting, low self-esteem, sexual disorders, the inability to concentrate, they can certainly benefit from the suggestive amplifications of a Certified Hypnotherapist. Indeed, they will be pleased to find that hypnosis is a very relaxing and invigorating experience with far reaching results.

Frequently, I am asked if a person without ailment can benefit from Hypnosis? The answer is a definite yes. For an insight into yourself hypnosis has no equal. Enlightenment, an understanding of your personal composition, paves the path to confidence and focuses the mind upon new opportunities. It is compulsory that each graduate affiliated to the Irish Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to undergo such Enlightenment Therapy.

To give some examples,hypnotherapy can be beneficial in the treatment
Addictions Emotional Relaxation
Allergies Enuresis Self-Esteem
Anxiety Exam nerves Sexual disorders
Asthma Fears Shame
Assertiveness Fetishes Shyness
Blood pressure Frustrations Slimming
Blushing Goal setting Smoking
Child problems Headaches Skin disorders
Claustrophobia Independence Sports motivation
Communications Insomnia Stress
Compulsions Memory Study
Confidence Migraines Stuttering
Concentration Motivation Truama
Creativity Nervousness Tinnitus
Decision making Nightmares Travel fright
Depression Phobias Twitching
Drinking Pain control Ulcers
Eating disorders Panic attacks  

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